Sneak Peek into Coaching Videos

I’m super excited to have you here to learn more about what we do as coaches!! You can go through these videos in your own time, and I have tried to add any additional images that could help give you as much information as possible.
Please feel free to ask any questions that you have or if you need clarification on anything you’ve seen in the videos! I want to emphasize that this information is here to help YOU make a decision! The more questions I can help to clarify for you, the better!
So first up…I’d like to welcome you and tell you a little bit about myself!


Today’s video will help to clarify any misconceptions you might have about what qualifications you need to be a coach!

Ever wondered what behaviors (or activities) you’d need to do to build a successful Beachbody business?
These are the 3 VITAL BEHAVIORS that all successful Beachbody coaches do every day!
1. Being proof of the products: This basically just means doing your workouts and drinking your Shakeology every day. By doing that you will reach your health and fitness goals, and be proof the products work!
2. Invite Invite Invite: This is talking about connecting with people and cultivating meaningful relationships. Many times people feel shy to approach you looking for help with things that are often very personal to them, so if you are reaching out and connecting with people – forming relationships – then when they are ready they will know who to go to, to help them reach their health and fitness goals.
3. Daily Personal Development: Reading 10 pages of a book, listening to self-improvement podcasts, or participating in trainings, these are the things that help us to become the best versions of ourselves, and better equip us to help others do the same thing.
We will go into these 3 vital behaviors in much more detail once you sign up as a coach, and we will share some highly recommended reading, podcasts, and websites.
The 3 Vital Behaviors
This afternoon I thought we could go over one of the most common objections or concerns people have when it comes to coaching…not wanting to be “salesy” and annoying.
Check out this video and see if it helps explain a little better about what you do as a Beachbody Coach.



This video that talks about the 3 levels of involvement as a Beachbody coach! After you watch the video private message me with what you think your initial involvement will be should you decide to join our team! Remember, your involvement is determined by YOU, not anyone or anything else, and you can change your involvement at ANY time!

The image below goes along with the video above – about the the 3 different types of Beachbody Coaches. Remember, YOU determine what level of involvement you want to have with Beachbody. So if you decide to join as a coach JUST for the discount at first, and then the next day you have someone asking about what you’re doing to lose weight..or you just decide that you want to “work it as a business,” there’s nothing to fill out or do. You basically just let your mentoring coach know that you’d like to get more involved and we will plug you into our team trainings that are already in place. As a team, we are here to teach you what we know, guide and mentor you, and help you reach your goals!
pick your path (your business means your rules)
I thought we could go over a question that can seem really scary for new coaches…is Beachbody a pyramid scheme?
Today I’ll share how Beachbody got started, and why Carl Daikeler and John Congdon decided to go with the Network Marketing format.
Check out the video and let me know if you have any questions.



Ok everyone, today’s topic is one that many ask about, we’re talking about money. How much does it cost to get started as a coach, what are the ongoing fees, and how to earn money as a Beachbody Coach! This video is a little bit longer than some of the others, just over 10 minutes, but contains lots of great information!

If there is something that isn’t covered in the video or needs clarification, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Not covered in the video is the Military Waiver Program. What is this waiver?
This program will waive the monthly $15.95 Coach Business Service Fees for confirmed veterans, active duty military of any branch of the U.S., reservists from any branch of the U.S. military, honorable discharged veterans, and U.S. military service members wounded in action. Here is a lot more information about the Waiver Program:




Since we have covered so much information, I thought I would take a moment today to share with you the 5 things I think everyone needs to know before becoming a Beachbody Coach.
Remember that NOBODY is perfect, and so nobody can relate to perfection.
Perfection = No Connection
Real = “Real-atable”
You do NOT have to be perfect in this business (you don’t have to be at your goal weight, you don’t have to know how to shoot videos, you don’t need to know every detail about every product…you just have to be REAL, be yourself, and be willing to learn and grow!)
Thank you for taking the time to go through all this information! I can’t wait to welcome you to our team!!

So that’s it! I hope you have found the information here helpful in seeing what we do as coaches, how we earn income, and what you can expect when signing up as a new coach. Not nearly as scary as you originally thought, right?

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any other questions or would like to chat further about anything you learnt in these videos.

I look forward to seeing you in our Team Page in the near future!