Post-Workout Truffles


These were shared by Ilana Muhlstein (our registered dietitian nutritionist), and they are DELICIOUS!

It makes 3 full servings, so however many truffles you get out, divide the total by 3 and that’s your servings size. 

•2 scoops Vegan Recover (or clean post-workout/protein powder of your choice)
•2 Tbsp peanut butter powder (PB2)
•2 Tbsp all-natural peanut butter
•1/2 cup unsweetened coconut milk (or almond milk)
•Unsweetened shredded coconut

Mix all ingredients together to form a dough (if you need more liquid, slowly add small amounts of water until you achieve the correct consistency).

Roll dough into bite sized truffles, and cover with unsweetened shredded coconut.
Refrigerate and enjoy after crushing your workouts! 💪🏼💥

Link for Vegan Recover:

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