Spinach Ice Cubes

If, like me, you got a little over zealous with your last grocery shop and purchased waaay too much spinach (or kale), FEAR NOT! Here’s a quick trick to help you save your money and still eat your greens (…before they go all soggy and gross! 🤢)

Spinach Ice Cubes!

A great way to store (and then drink) your extra greens!
Freeze ‘em and forget ‘em until you are ready to throw ‘em in your shakes!


🌱All the dark leafy green stuff you have leftover
💧just enough water to make it blend smoothly


  1. Place water and greens in a blender, cover and blend until smooth.
  2. Pour into ice cube trays and freeze!

Best to use within a month… but with one serving size being 3 ice cubes, I bet you’ll use them up faster than you think!

That’s my tip for the day!

Now go eat your greens!!

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