7 Day Meal Plan

Our first Clean Week Challenge finishes up tomorrow, and it was a MASSIVE SUCCESS!

So… I thought I would share our meal plan for next week!
(if you want any of the full recipes, email me and I’ll send them along)

Since Rob and I started meal planning and prepping each week, TWO things have happened:

1. We don’t throw out food anymore (before we would forget what we had bought and end up not using it so it would go bad)
2. We have saved close to $300 on groceries EVERY MONTH!!

I just sent the spousoid off to do the grocery shopping (with the tiny human 🙌), and tomorrow we PREP! (otherwise I won’t eat, lol #momlife)

If I had to share some of the meal planning and prepping tips that helped us save money, who would be interested? IMG_7062

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