Right now, I am his world


There are some days, many days, that the only thing my sweet baby wants is to be held by me, his momma.
It can feel frustrating to never have my hands free, sometimes it is overwhelming, and it is almost always exhausting, but here’s the thing, I’ll never be able to live these moments again.

This is the only time he will need me this completely.

I am his safe place.
I am his nourishment.
I am his comfort.
I am his home.
Right now, I am his world.

This will not always be the case, and time goes by so fast.
I will not have the luxury of giving my next baby my undivided attention because I will have a toddler running around.

So, many of these firsts are also lasts.

Today I will put aside my mile long to-do list and take a little extra time to wrap myself around this perfect little boy, smell his hair, touch his chubby cheeks, and hold his tiny hands.

Today I will do my best to live in the moment, and cherish every second, because too often we don’t realize the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.

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