Thigh and Booty Burner

Here’s a little thigh and booty burner for you guys to do today!

The moves:
12 reps of each of the following

💥Sumo Squats: feet a little wider than hips, toes pointing out

💥Squat with an alternating Toe Tap: regular squat, toes point forwards. Straight leg toe tap

💥Side Lunge: keep the leg of your planted foot straight. Don’t lean forwards, keep your knee behind your toes

💥Squat with a side Leg Lift: squat with toes facing forward. Lift leg to the side on the way up, keeping your leg straight.

💥Alternating Forward Lunge, pulse for three: lunge forward, keeping your back straight, pulse 3 times before returning to a standing position. Alternate legs.

Repeat 2 more times!
Don’t forget to do both sides, keep your knees behind your toes, and engaging your core will always help with balance (with the added bonus of working your core 😁)

Comment below and let me know how it goes!

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