Mini Mom Workout: 3 Plank Moves

If you are anything like me, I have found myself sitting SO MUCH MORE being a mom of a teeny tiny human. Nursing, snuggling, soothing, rocking, all of these things have kept me super busy, yet also super stationary. I try and squeeze in my workouts as often as possible, but in between all of that I am also looking for quick ways to get moving and raising my heart rate a little.

Here’s a fun little plank workout that targets your Core, but will sculpt your whole body, and you can get done in less than 5 minutes!

3 moves, 30 seconds each, repeat twice with a 15 second break in between rounds.

  1. Plank leg lifts
  2. In and out toe taps
  3. Plank cross-climbers

Keep your core engaged, and make sure to hold a good plank position (don’t lift your butt up to the sky!)

Let me know how you do! 💪🏼

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