Healthy is Not a Number!


FIT TIP FRIDAY: Don’t rely on your scale! 

I was chatting to my sister yesterday and kind of complaining about the fact that my post-baby body is getting me down.

While I was pregnant everyone told me the weight would just drop off because I stayed healthy and fit throughout my pregnancy, AND I was planning on exclusively breastfeeding.

Well, I am exclusively breastfeeding, but guess what…the weight has most certainly NOT dropped off. In fact, the scale hasn’t budged in a couple of weeks.

After a little research, and chatting to other moms, I found out that many bodies actually hold onto a storage of fat while the mom breastfeeds as a kind of safety deposit to make sure the mom always has the ability to make milk for her baby.

The frustrating thing for me is that what I am SEEING in the mirror does not match up to what I am FEELING in my skin. However, when I think about it, this is a great problem to have.
Who wouldn’t want to feel so great in their body that they sometimes get a little “surprised” by the reflection in the mirror.

Ultimately what’s more important; that my baby boy has a mom with her pre-baby body back? Or that my baby boy has a happy and healthy mom, who feels fit and strong?

Hide that scale away and rather focus on how you FEEL, and the many non-scale successes that come with good health, like:
• better sleep
• more energy
• fewer cravings
• feeling stronger
• having your clothes fit better
• seeing your skin glowing
• and feeling happier and more positive

Healthy is not a number! 

Do you still rely on your scale to tell you “everything” about your health?

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