How to Keep Baby Socks on Baby Feet!


Attention: Moms of little ones! 📢
Anyone else struggle to keep those teeny tiny socks on those very busy feet?

Caleb has always been a mover and a shaker, so up until now I’ve just kept him in onesies with feet, but now that we are into 3-6mo clothing he has so many cute pants (and onesies) that don’t have feet!

With all of his kicking and wiggling we were losing socks left right and center (and Toby 🐶 was finding them and chewing them!)

By tucking the bottom of the pants legs into the sock, that gives the socks something to “grip onto” and keeps that socks on all day! Woohoo!

Sure, my tiny human might have a slightly strange fashion sense, but at least he has warm feet!

How do/did you keep socks on your little one?

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