Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit

Ok moms, who’s heard of this magical magical invention? The first night we put Caleb in it, he slept from 11:30-6:30!! Whaaaat?!
When I posted about it on Facebook many of you asked for more information and a sort of review, so here goes!


Before we got the magic sleepsuit Caleb was SO restless at night, wiggling and moving around the whole night. He’d started lifting his legs and slamming them down, wiggling so much he would end up with his face jammed against the mesh of the pack n play and completely unswaddled, and then one night I woke up and found he had wiggled so much that he had undone his swaddle and it was all over his face. That was it! I knew my tiny human needed good sleep to develop properly, and I needed sleep to function properly, so we took the plunge and ordered the magic sleepsuit.

About the Magic Sleepsuit

It comes in three colors (blue, pink, or yellow), and in two sizes: 3-6 months and 6-9 months.
The creator of Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit, Maureen, designed the suit as a way to prolong the sleep quality and duration of her son, who was not a good sleeper. The sleepsuit allows for arms and legs to be free (not swaddled), yet still be contained, helping to prevent the startle reflex that often results in babies constantly waking themselves.

The Magic Sleepsuit has two zippers so it is easy to get those tiny humans in and out without disturbing them too much, and it makes for easy diaper changes (although we have not had to changed diapers until the morning when Caleb wakes up on his own).

The fabrics used in the Magic Sleepsuit are not sprayed with any chemicals, and comply with all CPSIA safety requirements as required for all infant sleepwear products.

Who Is the Magic Sleepsuit For?

  • Babies, ages 3-9 months, who need assistance transitioning out of a swaddle, sleeping longer, or sleeping more soundly.
  • Babies transitioning from a bassinet, cradle, or co-sleeper, into a crib.
  • Babies who like having their arms “free” but still need to be swaddled.

What is the Sleepsuit made of?

You have 2 options for the outer layer, either the microfleece version or the cotton version. Both of these options have the same jersey cotton inner layer and the same layer of polyfil. Microfleece is a bit more cozy and puffy, and cotton is a bit more breathable and flexible, however, both versions should be used in rooms at an appropriate temperature for a baby.


Since it is padded, is there a concern of suffocation? 

The collar of the sleepsuit doesn’t go all the way up to Caleb’s neck, so his onesie actually sticks out above the suit. If your baby is the correct size for the suit, you should not be concerned with the material going over the baby’s face. However, it is important to ensure that your baby fits into the suit properly before leaving him or her alone to sleep.

Will my baby overheat? 

When I shared this on Facebook, many of you asked about overheating. The Baby Merlin Company constructed the suit so that the material and the open feet and sleeve design is actually meant to help regulate the baby’s body temperatureIf you are concerned, touch your baby’s chest while he or she is sleeping to get a sense of their body temperature. If your little one is too warm, simply remove a layer of clothing. If they are too cold, add a layer. If your home gets super hot, you can always try their more breathable cotton version.


Caleb fast asleep in his Magic Sleepsuit

Our Experience

I was completely blown away! The first time Caleb went into the Magic Sleepsuit he slept a straight 7 hours! This was coming from us waking up crying at least every 2 hours because of his startle reflex or wiggling so much that he got stuck or unswaddled.
I’d read mixed reviews about this sleepsuit, so I held off on getting one, but when one of Rob’s coworkers said they loved it I thought I’d give it a try. It has been fantastic for us! Now I can rest assured that my little guy is getting enough sleep at night to thrive, AND I am getting a little more sleep to survive.

Would I recommend it? ABSOLUTELY! However, I also feel very strongly about the fact that each parent knows what is best for their baby, so trust your instincts and your knowledge of your little one.

For more information head over to

NOTE: It is recommended that babies transition out of the Magic Sleepsuit once they are able to roll over in it, since this is typically a sign that they are ready for more movement in their sleep, and the Magic Sleepsuit is specifically designed for the back sleeping position.

FAQ’s: Head over to their website FAQ’s to read more about how the sleepsuit is different to sleep sacks and sleeping bags, when and why to use the sleepsuit, if the sleepsuit can be worn in Summer, and a ton of other useful information.


3 thoughts on “Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit

  1. Jenny says:

    Sounds awesome! I will share this with a couple friends with younger babes! Thank you! I wish we had know about it! 🙂 Too late for me now! haha


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