The Journey into Mommyhood: My Results from Round 1 of the 21 Day Fix


I had an “epiphany” while working out yesterday. I was being super hard on myself for still being SO FAR from where I was pre-pregnancy even though everyone told me the weight would just drop off (and sadly I was comparing myself to other mommies’ postpartum journeys). I realized that technically I’ve only been back at my workouts for 3 weeks! Before that I was loving on both myself and my little one by resting up, snuggling, doing yoga, and just generally taking care of myself without the intention of losing weight or trying to fit in pre-pregnancy clothes (although that would be useful since I literally have nothing to wear at the moment 😕)

These are my 21 Day Fix results from the first round I completed postpartum:

5 pounds lost and 4.5 inches off my body in just 21 days! I was getting so discouraged by the scale during the 3 weeks (even though I always tell my challengers to never rely on the scale), so I was very pleasantly surprised when I saw my photo results. (TIP: Always take “before” photos, even if they make you want to cry!)

Full Disclosure about this round of 21 Day Fix: My nutrition was WAAAAAAAY off! With my mom visiting we definitely indulged a little more than usual, and with Christmas I might have had a few [thousand] cookies. Anyway, I am still pretty happy with how incredibly STRONG I feel after completing the 21 days.

I am definitely ready to start stepping up my workouts and pushing myself a little harder, BUT I want to do it with the same mindset and attitude that I had those first few weeks postpartum, with love, kindness, and patience towards myself and my body, the body that gave me my perfect baby boy. So, I have just started a round of PiYo and will be reigning in my nutrition. I know I feel my best, and can therefore be the best mommy for my baby boy, when I take care of my body and how I fuel it.

My next online accountability group starts up on January 9th and there are still 2 spots left. If you want to start 2017 strong and make it your healthiest year yet, fill out the short form below.

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