Let the next journey begin!


It’s been a week (well, it’s been just over a week, because I forgot to share this on Friday), and our lives have completely changed. I shared my whole pregnancy journey on social media, and so I thought I would share my postpartum journey on Facebook and Instagram as well.

There are so many expectations put on new moms to “bounce back,” and I must be honest it was something that I was worried about as well. But now my heart just aches for the beautiful moms who feel this incredible pressure.

Mamas: You just created a whole HUMAN PERSON! Stop and give yourself a freakin standing ovation! That’s a lot of insane work, and stretching, and moving. You and your body deserve the time it takes to truly heal (and by “heal” I mean ACTUALLY HEAL, not get a “hot mom bod”)

Give yourself a break and the time you deserve. You just did the hardest, most incredible thing ever!
You will be strong again. You will have the body you want again, and you will have energy again! But right now you’re in a season full of snuggles, late nights, early mornings, and little people needing you every second. Soak that in. Seriously, SOAK THAT IN!

I hope that through sharing my journey I can encourage others who have, who will be, and who are going through the same things I am going through. Wherever you are in your journey, know that you are beautiful, capable, and stronger than you know!

Let the next journey begin!


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