Beachbody Health Bet


In September Beachbody is putting up a $1million cash pot that you can win a part of just by deciding to invest in yourself, get healthy, feel great, maybe lose some weight, or tone up and feel strong… whatever your goals are you can join in because it’s not about losing weight or inches, it about getting healthy and feeling the best you’ve ever felt!

And for every person who joins in, the cash pot increases up to $3million! Whaaaat?!?
I mean, who doesn’t want a little extra $$ at the end of the year to spend on holiday fun and shopping?

How does this Health Bet work? 

  • Order your Challenge Pack of choice (workout program + Shakeology + me as your coach)
  • Join one of my Health Bet challenge groups using the Challenge Tracker App
  • Each week (for 4 weeks) you check in with at least 3 workouts and 5 superfood shakes.
  • Complete the 4 weeks and you will win part of the cash pot!

DONE! It’s that simple!

There are NO weight loss requirements or inches lost! All you have to do is log your daily activity on the Challenge Tracker App each day to win.


Fill in the form below if you would like me to send you more information on how you can get set up and ready to crush some goals in September, or if you are ready to book your spot in my Health Bet group!

I’m betting on YOU in September!
Invest in yourself. You are worth it!

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