The 5 Day Sugar Detox


Who enjoyed a few too many Easter candies this past weekend? (Lindt bunnies are my FAVORITE!!!)
After all the chocolate and sugar that was consumed I have just the plan for you to help squash your sweet tooth and kickstart some healthy habits…and just in time for Spring break!
Here’s your chance to have a COACH in your CORNER! Someone to support, motivate, and encourage you when the going gets tough.

I am going to be running The 5 Day Sugar Detox starting on Monday, April 4. The group is completely free, however, there is an option of adding on the 3 Day Refresh at the end of the 5 days (and I highly recommend giving this 3 day program a go!)

CLICK HERE to see some of my 3 Day Refresh results

You will be added to a private group on Facebook. Before the group gets started on Monday, I will upload the detox plan so that you can get your grocery shopping done. Then each day my team and I will upload some daily posts, motivation, mini workouts (completely optional), and you can post your photos, ask questions, or just enjoy the community and camaraderie of the group.
For those who choose to do the 3 Day Refresh, we will be starting that on Friday and ending on Sunday. I will share my “Tips Sheet” for the Refresh, which I have compiled after successfully completely the 3 Day Refresh 5 times in the past (and each time having lost between 3-5 pounds).

– Prep starts SATURDAY (April 2)
– We Officially start Monday (April 4)
– It’s only 5 days
– Do your best to follow along with the program
– You can live ANYWHERE
– It’s 100% VIRTUAL
– I will share short, daily workouts
– oh, and did I say it was FREE?!
So, are you in?

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