New Year, New YOU!

aren't going to get the butt you want by sitting on itI was that girl that invested a ton of money in a ton of things that were never really going to work. I wanted a quick fix so that I could lose the weight, and then go back to my “old lifestyle.”
The old me had never committed to really getting healthy and fit. I would show up to the gym or workout classes on January 1st determined and ready to “make a lasting change,” and then I would be nowhere to be found by the end of the week.

I would go to the gym for 2 hours (not the most productive time was spent there), and then drive past McDonalds on my way home because heck, I worked out!
I was that girl that never got results, and was always frustrated.

But when I found Beachbody, it was completely different!
I not only had a workout program that worked for me, but I could do it at home, in my own time, and with minimal equipment. I had a coach to check in with, and who kept me on track, I had other women to keep me accountable, I learned how to properly fuel my body for energy, and I was losing weight from the very first week!! Finally I became that girl that got results!

transformation photo

So, why not invest in something that WILL work for you!
If you need accountability, support, mentoring, and help getting started (and staying consistent), then message me or find me on Facebook!

I have a few spots in my January 4th New Year, New YOU Support & Accountability group, and we have another health and fitness group starting up on January 25, so if you are ready to make 2016 your best and healthiest year yet, then DECIDE today to make a change, COMMIT to a program, and you will SUCCEED.

This is your year. Let’s make 2016 count!
Are you in?!?!

Struggle today Stronger tomorrow

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