Celebrate with a Jingle…not a jiggle!


It’s that time of year. The prepping and planning for Thanksgiving begins, organizing travel arrangements, planning out meals, trying out recipes, stocking piling booze… I am all for enjoying family time, being thankful for what we have, eating delicious foods, and enjoying some sweet treats, but I also know that I don’t want to go back to how I felt a year ago when I was uncomfortable in my own skin, bulging out of my jeans, and unable to find clothes in my closet that fit.

So, this year my team and I will be running some shortened health and fitness challenge groups interspersed throughout the months of November and December. None of them will run on the day of the holiday (whether it be Thanksgiving or Christmas or New Years), but these challenge groups will run right up to those days and then continue on afterwards.

Last year I lost 16 pounds over the holiday season and started 2015 feeling the best I had ever felt, plus I have kept off that weight, which with my track record is a miracle in and of itself, so I know what it takes to stay focused and on track during this incredibly tempting time of year!

We have created a “Healthy Holiday Map,” to help anyone who wants to join us, be able to stay on track through this crazy time of year. And we will be providing you with pretty much every trick, tool, and tip we know to help you feel the best you have ever felt!


The transformation and success of one of our challengers

What you will get:
-Daily motivation, support, and tips
-ONLY 30 minute daily workouts
-Weekly meal plans already made for you
-One meal a day jam-packed with super foods and dense nutrition
-Camaraderie, community, and accountability

How do I know you will succeed?
1. Because, Simple Nutrition + Effective Fitness + Daily Support = SUCCESS! Our team has seen it many times over!
2. Because if I can do it, so can you!
DECIDE to make a change. COMMIT to the program. And you will SUCCEED.

Are you ready to tackle the holidays, stay healthy, lose weight, and feel the best you’ve ever felt before 2016 hits?
Get a jump start on those New Year’s Resolutions and come join us! 
Message me or find me on Facebook and I will help you choose a program that best suits your schedule and your goals. Feel free to message me with any questions, or if you want to be added into one of our challenge group!

More Team GRiT Transformations

More Team GRiT Transformations

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