You are worthy, You are capable, You are mightier than you know!

Over the past year I have been able to build a pretty substantial business from my couch, with my pup (aka Toby the Terror) napping next to me. The best part by far, though, is being able to help and inspire others and help my team to do the same. I wake up looking forward to checking in with my challengers and hearing their amazing stories and how they are making changes that, in turn, are impacting and inspiring those around them. There is something quite amazing about being able to give back.

homegrown business

I could go on for ages about all the things I love about coaching, how it has changed me, how it has forced me to face some of the things I was not willing to face before, and how it has given me hope for the future of my family. But for now I will just say that instead of being housebound this Summer from a lack of financial freedom, Rob and I are debt free and have just booked a week away together (with Toby, of course).

I am so grateful for the opportunity that was presented to me just under a year ago, and I am excited for what lies ahead. Each month, for the last few months of 2015, I am looking for 8 hardworking, driven, and motivated women who are passionate about helping others, and are interested in changing the course of theirs. If you are interested, please fill out the form below and send me a message, and I will help you get started right away.

You do not need to be at your goal weight, you do not need to be an expert to do this, you just have to be someone who is interested in being healthy and fit themselves, and then helping others to do the same. I will show you how I got started, how I had success, and how you can do it too! So what do you say? Are you in?

New Coach Apprenticeship Form

Do what others won't so you can have what others can't

If you are interested in making a change in your life but are not yet ready to sign up as a coach, come join one of our upcoming Challenge Groups.
Message me for more details, to find out how to join our challenge groups, and for details on how you can win Autumn Calabrese’s brand new cookbook, FIXATE, when signing up!

Make a change, take a step, chase down the things you want the most, and don’t give up until you reach your goals. You are worthy, you are capable, and you are mightier than you know!

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