CIZE Challenge Pack

What is CIZE?
CIZE is a dance program for everyone or every level (trust me, I know this from first hand experience…) and makes exercise something to look forward to! Shaun T breaks down dance courses step-by-step, move-by-move, so that anyone can dance their way to fit in just 4 weeks.

Why is CIZE effective?
CIZE may be the end of exercise, but it’s not the end of hard work! CIZE keeps you moving the whole time by constantly introducing new moves that give you cardio training, strengthen your core, and tone every muscle – all at once! You’ll be so in the zone mastering the moves, you’ll forget you’re working out – and getting in the best shape of your life! The more you get into it, the more you get out of it! Plus, as the courses progress, the dances get more challenging. And that means more moving, more sweating, and more calories burned! Check it out:

This challenge pack includes:

  • The CIZE DVD program (which will ultimately be uploaded to your Beachbody On Demand account if you join as a club member)
  • 1 month’s supply of Shakeology, your choice of flavor(s) (home direct)
  •  The Cize Nutrition Guide
  • Workout Calendar
  • Me as your free Coach!
  • A free online accountability group, to help you stay motivated and on track
  • 1 month free Team Beachbody Club membership and access to their online gym
  • $2 super-saver shipping
  • 30-day, bottom of the bag, money back guarantee
  • Free sign up at for a chance to win $500, or more!

{NOTE: You can turbocharge and kickstart your results by adding the 3 Day Refresh to this combo deal for even greater savings. Message me for details}

Click the pic to order your CIZE Challenge Pack

Click the pic to order your CIZE Challenge Pack

Message me if you have any questions, or would like to join one of our upcoming accountability groups.

Wanna see me “CIZE it up” at the end of my first CIZE workout? CLICK HERE!

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