Why Grilling is one of the Healthiest ways to Cook your Food

Health Benefits of Grilling

We love our trusty old charcoal grill. Come rain or shine we try and to fire up our grill year round. Why? Well, not just because it’s quick, easy, convenient and tasty, but because it can also be HEALTHY!

Depending on how the food is prepared before grilling and during the cooking process, grilling can be a healthier alternative to many other cooking methods.

Grilling has some great benefits that stove top or oven cooking does not. Here are a few reasons to fire up that grill as often as possible.

  1. The excess fat drips off what you are cooking, making your meals more heart healthy and lean. This reduced the fat content in your foods, which makes grilling a great option for cooking low fat meals for weight loss or weight management.
  2. Grilled vegetables retain more of their vitamins and nutrients. Because of the sudden heat applied, the vegetables are cooked quickly, allowing them to retain many more of their vital nutrients.
  3. The high heat from the grill seals in moisture and keeps food tender, allowing one to cook without extra oils and butters.
  4. Meats retain more riboflavin and thiamine, which are essential vitamins.

Keep in mind though, not everything is healthy just because it was cooked on the grill {looking at YOU, hotdogs!}

Each month our team runs a FREE clean eating group. If you ever want some simple, fun, and healthy tips and recipes message me and I will let you know when our next group is starting up. Totally free and totally awesome!

What are some of your favorite things to grill? 

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