Get healthy from the inside out

I have never had a hard time eating vegetables, however, eating enough vegetables seems to have been more of a problem. When I took into consideration the USDA’s recommendation of 5-9 servings of fruit and vegetables a day, I knew I was falling pretty short of that not goal.

One of the reasons I love my Shakeology is that now I can sneak an extra serving or two of greens into my daily diet, as well as getting in all my vitamins and minerals, plus a whole host of extra superfoods (antioxidants and adaptogens, as well as my prebiotics and probiotics) while drinking something that keeps me full and curbs my junk food cravings.

With both Rob and myself being working musicians, getting a monthly bag of Shakeology seemed like a really big commitment at first. I decided to start out on a trial basis, thinking that if I needed to we would just go ahead and cancel, no penalty, no questions asked. After 2 weeks of drinking the shakes daily I noticed such a big difference that Rob decided to jump onboard, and soon he was “sharing” all of my shakes so we had to get him his own bag!

We soon discovered that our monthly grocery bill got smaller, we no longer needed to pay $120 combined for our multivitamins and prebiotics, we chose (and craved) takeout less often, and we were saving between $200-300 each month on food! [Read more HERE]

Shakeology works on a cellular level, supporting your cells and keeping your body functioning at the best level. If your cells cannot operate efficiently, the functioning of your tissues and organs, which are made up of your cells, will become compromised, and you can experience a decrease of physical functioning and the onset of a host of health conditions and diseases. So, by keeping your cells well nourished, you are keeping yourself well nourished. [And it doesn’t hurt that Shakeology tastes like a dessert!]

So often we are super focused on being healthy from the outside in – getting those workouts done and “losing weight” – but true health really comes from the inside out! What we put into our bodies is such an important element of being healthy, but we so often overlook that part, or find ways to justify or excuse why we aren’t eating the way we should be eating to live the lives we want to live.


CLICK HERE for Team G.R.I.T.’s favorite Shakeology recipes

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