Transformation Tuesday: A small bit of MY story

It’s Tuesday! Which means a number of things, but one of them is that I love to share the stories of my team and my challengers, and how they are transforming their lives through health and fitness.

Today, I thought I would share my 3 Day Refresh photos from last week – not because I want to boast or “show-off” but because I was lucky enough to connect with a good friend yesterday and we shared our stories with each other. It reminded me that we all come from different places and are on different journeys, but that sharing things that are sometimes scary actually helps us to connect, inspire, and support each other.

Having been one of those girls who was conditioned to think that stick thin was perfection, I tried relentlessly throughout my teenage years and twenties to be something that my body was not made for. I yo-yo’d. Like crazy! My internal happiness and self-confidence was tied up in that silly number on the scale. I was exceptionally secretive about what was going on inside of me, I often felt ashamed, and never dared to breathe a word of this to anyone {and I NEVER thought I would be putting this out there on social media!}. It wasn’t until I came across Strala yoga and Team Beachbody a year or two ago that this started to turn around for me.

You might think that doing the 3 Day Refresh is just a “quick fix” that feeds the idea of being “skinny,” but it is not that at all, and I encourage you to find out the benefits of giving your system a break to “catch up and clean out” once in a while.
I am passionate about helping people feel better, learn to love themselves, and live healthy and fulfilling lives. I know it is possible, because I turned things around for myself, AND I see my challengers and team members doing it every day.

If you are in need of some help, would like to share your story, or would like to hear more of mine I would be honored to connect with you! Message me anytime, I’m always happy to chat!

“Do something today that your future self with thank you for!”
3 day refresh April
3 day refresh april side

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