What’s with all the Selfies?

whats with all the selfies“What’s with all the selfies?” I recently saw someone posting this question on another coach’s page. I thought it was a funny question, I mean c’mon, when you are scrolling through your friends awesome overseas vacation photos, don’t you prefer looking at the ones with them actually IN the picture? As much as this question amused me, it did make me think about our intentions behind posting progress pictures or transformations. Here are 3  reasons:

1. If I can do it, anyone can!

Seriously, if I can get healthy and fit (someone with a pretty rocky health, fitness, and nutrition background – more on that another time) then ANYONE can do it. Isn’t it great knowing that these products and programs actually work before you launch in and try it yourself? The longest I ever workout is 45 minutes – and I try avoid that DVD like the plague, haha – but in general it is just 30 minutes 6 times a week. Yet this is the best shape I have been in in my life. 30 MINUTES A DAY! I promise you, if I can do it, anyone can!

2. We need the evidence as much as you do!

We are just normal people – a lot of us have other full-time or part-time jobs, families, kids sports games to get to, dinners to make, errands to run, projects to complete. We are proud of what we have achieved through dedication and consistency, and we are often also a little surprised! Many of us never thought it was possible, I know I didn’t! So we snap away, wanting to hold onto the evidence of the goals we have achieved, as a small pat on the back, and a large fire under our butts to keep us going!

3. Those selfies might not inspire you, but they will inspire someone, somewhere, to do something!

And that is enough to keep me clicking and posting.

I want to inspire peopleWhat are your thoughts on selfies?

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