Transformation Tuesday: Use your body to change your body

SaritaLast week I had the honor of sharing the transformation story of one of my dear friends from back home in South Africa, and this week I feel super lucky and excited to share the awesome success story of a very dear and close friend right here in Boston.

Sarita Uranovsky is a fantastic classical violinist who performs, teaches, and gigs regularly around the Boston area, as well as having numerous international performances under her belt! She grew up in South Africa, and has studied all over the world. Over the past few years Sarita has not had the easiest go of things, but with her determination and strength she is coming out the other side a stronger and more inspiring person. Here is her story:

What inspired you to begin this transformation journey?

To be honest, I’ve always been pretty fit and into health and fitness. I used to go to the gym 4-6 times a week and haven’t had too much trouble maintaining my weight. Almost 3 years ago, my husband died of brain cancer, which was a huge emotional and physical stress. After the initial period of post traumatic stress, I was able to get back into good shape and I maintained that for a while. The 2nd anniversary of his passing came and went and then came a slippery slope of depression and unhappiness, which altered my body chemistry and I gained weight. It wasn’t a lot but it was enough to make me feel terrible and it didn’t matter what I did – gym or diet – I couldn’t make it budge, which made me feel worse. So when Katherine, who is a very close friend, suggested I try an at home program I decided to give it a try. I was very skeptical and not really motivated as I loved my gym routine, but I was desperate. I thought I would hate working out at home every day, but very early into the program I was proven wrong!

Sarita Transformation1What Beachbody program(s) have you done?

I have completed 2 rounds of the 3 Day Refresh and I am more than halfway through my 2nd round of PiYo. I also drink my Shakeology religiously.

What motivated you to keep going?

I started seeing results really quickly since I really stuck to the eating plan and wanted to see how far I could actually get. The workouts are so quick, you’re on the cool down before you even realize it, and you feel amazing after you are done. I used to mark off every time I did a workout and felt a huge sense of accomplishment after completing each week. Soon, there were so many weeks crossed out and I was well on my way to completing the entire program and feeling great!

What achievement are you most proud of?

I am thrilled that I was able to break through this cycle and allow myself to feel better. Also, it took me 5 months, but I finally cancelled my gym membership, convinced now that I won’t be going back there for quite some time. I have my next Beachbody program picked out which is Insanity Max:30. I’m terrified but totally up for the challenge!!

Sarita Transformation2How has your life changed from before you began this journey to now?

I feel more empowered and more driven to continue. My body is in the best shape it has ever been, and as I approach my 40th birthday, my goal is to feel even better about myself, and have the best body of my life!

What made you decide to become a Beachbody Coach?

I love the programs and products so much that I decided to sign up as a discount coach, which allows you to get the coach discount to help offset the cost of monthly Shakeology and any other programs.

What is your favorite Shakeology flavor, and recipe?

I love the chocolate flavor, both vegan and regular. I tend to put half a frozen banana and a tbsp of almond butter in which is delicious. I also do the chocolate with frozen berries and mint essence!

Any words of advice for someone who is just starting up with a new Beachbody program?

Just give it a try for 1 week and you’ll be amazed. Try to be strict but also try to be nice to yourself as your body goes through the beginnings of a transformation, and give yourself credit for beginning to move the mountain!

You are worth

You can read more about Sarita and hear some of her performances on her website.

To find out more about PiYo and the PiYo Challenge Pack (which includes your monthly Shakeology), click here.


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