Transformation Tuesday: PiYo on Tour

Dani Profile

Today I have the honor of sharing a dear friend’s transformation story! Danielle Asherson is one of my closest friends from back home. We went through undergraduate studies together at the University of Cape Town, College of Music, which were probably some of the most fun years ever!

Dani is one of those people who everyone wants to be friends with, she is fun, kind, caring, and outgoing, not to mention a killer violinist. In November, Dani left the shores of South Africa for a 10 week tour of China with the musical, The Sound of Music. What did she pack in her bag to take with her? PiYo, of course! In 8 weeks she lost 12cm (5 inches) around her waist, gained a bucket load of confidence, increased her flexibility, and feels energized and happy. Here’s her story:

What inspired you to begin this transformation journey?

I actually started my journey by just wanting to lose a bit of weight after an indulgent holiday! It slowly started to become more about health and nutrition, which I think has to happen if you’re serious about your results and the maintenance of those results. I started by jogging a few times a week and then that turned into running a few races, I then found myself a personal trainer who is fantastic but a trainer is costly in the long term. I was sent the PiYo DVDs just before a 10-week tour to China, which has been amazing because it gave me a structure and a clear goal.

What Beachbody program(s) have you done? 

I’ve only done PiYo, but the results have been amazing and not only visually – there is still a lot of work to be done there, but I’m stronger than I’ve ever been in my life and I can feel my flexibility and strength improving with every workout.

Dani Transformation

What motivated you to keep going?

Being in China with no real daily routine has been a real challenge for me and having this workout program gave me a reason to get up in the morning and get my day started in the best way. I’m aiming to keep it up when I get home and back to my normal life until I can get my hands on some new programs when I visit the States in March!

Was there ever a time you felt completely discouraged? What helped you overcome those feelings of discouragement?

When I lived in England I was 10kgs (approx. 22 lbs) heavier than I am today. I felt completely helpless, I didn’t know how I had reached that weight as it happened so slowly, that I didn’t know where to start when it can to trying to lose it. Truthfully I never really actively starting to rectify that until last year. My partner was a big part in helping me start the process – his words of encouragement and support and the fact that he’s on the journey with me. Once I actually got started, the momentum started to carry me forward and I hope that continues.

What achievement are you most proud of? 

I am so proud of my discipline and determination. Hope I can sustain it when I get back home and into a daily routine!

How has your life changed from before you began this journey to now?

My confidence has grown and I feel physically strong, which just helps with day to day energy. I feel happier in my body and my clothes fit so much better. The best part is that I didn’t do it for anyone but me, and so that’s why I believe I’m going to be able to sustain it.

Any words of advice for someone who is just starting up with a new program? 

I think the key is to really try and enjoy it! Make it fun for yourself in whichever way helps – turning the volume up loud, wearing cute outfits, measuring your results on a weekly basis. It’s different for everybody but there’s always a way to inspire yourself to keep going so just find what works for you. Another thing that helped me is really tuning in to your muscles – and it really doesn’t take a long time to feel yourself getting stronger and there’s no limit to how strong we can be!

Find yourself a fit group of friends, or others who are on a similar journey and keep each other motivated and encouraged. Be real and be open – with your successes and your struggles. Support each other and in turn you yourself will be supported!

To find out more about the PiYo Challenge pack, click the pic below:

Click the pic to find out more

Click the pic to find out more

If you want to join one of our up coming accountability groups message us and we will get back to you with more information.

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