Transformation Tuesday: Body Beast

Coach Nate Body Beast Transformation

Before Nate Iott became a Team Beachbody Coach he worked 12-16 hours a day a the local Y as a lifeguard, swim instructor, and a fitness instructor on land and in water. After starting with Insanity in 2012, Nate went on to P90X3 and Insanity Asylum, consistently improving his health and fitness. Recently he decided to give Body Beast a try, hoping to build more muscle and obtain a more complete physique. Nate saw changes in his body after every phase of the 90 day program, and has added 3 inches of muscle on his chest, over an inch on his arms, and seriously defined his core. Just take a look at his transformation photos above!

What made you decide to become a Team Beachbody Coach? 
I decided to become a Team Beachbody Coach because Beachbody programs had changed my life, my health and fitness before I even knew who they were and what they were all about. When my now upline coach showed me the business opportunity Beachbody presented I realized it could give me a way out of the 12-16 hour days I was working just to stay afloat. I became a coach in 2013 and founded Team Spartan Fit.

What is your favorite Shakeology flavor, and recipe? 
Chocolate, peanut butter, banana Shakeo is the only way to go!

Any words of advice for someone who is just starting up with a new Beachbody program? 
Decide. Commit. Succeed! No amount of encouragement from even the best coach will make you change, unless you decide that you really want it and will do whatever it takes!

Connect with Coach Nate through his Facebook Page, or email him directly. 

To try Body Beast and Shakeology click here

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