Shakeology and Rockin’ Wellness: A Comparison

I share this article because I have been asked a number of times about the comparison between these two shakes. Personally, I believe each person needs to find what works for them, but here is some more infomation about Shakeology and Rockin’ Wellness, researched and written by Chris Colotti, from Virtual Fitness

Shakeology vs Rockin Wellness

I rarely look into every single product out there, but I saw someone post about this Rockin’ Wellness shake and I decided to do a little research.  I always try to dig a bit behind some of the marketing hype that you may read and provide what I can find in my own research.  Once again I have learned that although it has got some good ingredients in it, it is not Shakeology. Below is some information I pulled out so that you can make the case yourself.  I’m just providing the facts to compare, nothing bad being said here about Rockin’ Wellness, since I have not tried it I am not bashing it in any way.  I am a “by the numbers” kind of guy so I do the research and I provide the information, nothing more.  Simply see the numbers side by side as a simple comparison.

Shakeology vs Rockin’ Wellness – Serving Sizes

As you can see by the label below, Rockin’ Wellness has 30 scoops per bag, and their serving suggestions is 1-4 scoops per day.  So that means you need to buy two bags for a full 30 day supply.  They also throw in the suggestion to have 1-2 shakes a day which would mean 3-4 bags for a month.  Each bag costs $59.95 so that’s a total of $179.85 if you only did 2 shakes half the month.

rockin wellness label

Shakeology on the other hand is simple and straight forward, no math involved.  Each Bag is 30 servings, and each serving is one scoop.  You only need to use it once a day since it has more super-foods in it, which we will show below.  It’s $129.95 per month retail, but we always tell you that “Nobody Should Pay Retail” (click here to become a Discount Coach), so for $97.47 per month you are good to go.  Simple, easy, and straight forward.


Shakeology vs Rockin Wellness – Nutritional Information

From the above label you can see that since the serving size is 1 scoop you need to double all the nutritional information to get the real numbers so don’t be fooled by the serving size alone!  Below is a table comparing both products basic nutritional information side by side.  I think the numbers speak for themselves

Rocking Wellness Vegan Chocolate Shakeology
Calories 180 170
Calories from Fat 60 25
Total Fat 7g 3g
Saturated Fat 2g 1g
Total Carbohydrates 24g 22
Sodium 30g 215mg (Himalayan salt however)
Protein 8g 16g
Fiber 4g 5g
Sugars 12g 9g
Pre-Biotics No Mention YES
Pro-Biotics No Mention YES

You can see in almost every category Shakeology has a winning edge just based on the numbers themselves.  It is worth pointing out one reason the Sodium is higher is due to the mineral benefits of Himalayan salt in Shakeology (it’s actually not a bad thing).  Also there is no mention of pre-biotics or pro-biotics. The overall ingredients list is very short and you can see that Shakeology starts out with brown rice protein as the first and major ingredient.  There is also a giant list of over 70 other superfoods you get in Shakeology.

I think when I read this what makes little sense to me is the low amount of protein to the high about of fat calories.  In a single scoop there is 90 calories 30% are fat, and only 4 grams of protein. For the workouts I do, that would never support my diet since I follow a 40% Protein, 40% Carbs, 20% Fat structure.  It is already hard enough to get enough protein and low fat in my nutrition plan.  Anyone doing Team Beachbody programs knows you need to properly fuel your body.  As a stand alone “Shake” with NO workouts, yes maybe Rockin’ Wellness is “good enough” for you.  However, if you are combining the nutrition with the proper fitness level and support like you should be it’s probably not going to cut it.

Shakeology vs Rockin Wellness – Money Back Guarantee

Rockin’ Wellness, in fact, has NO return policy on opened bags, and return on unopened bags needs to be approved/authorized.  Below is the return policy from their website:

Return Policy:
No returns on any open packages of Rockin’ Wellness Nutritional Shakes.  Pre-authorized returns on unopened packages within 30 days of purchase only.  Must call or email customer service for return pre-approval.  Please enclose a note stating the reason for the return.

Shakeology on the other hand is so sure about the quality and your well-being after you start using the product they have a full 100%, BOTTOM OF THE BAG guarantee.  I think that says a lot about the confidence a company has in their product if they are willing to let you return it after you completely empty the bag and are still not satisfied. What good is returning an unopened bag?  You have to open it to even TRY it, right?

Shakeology vs Rockin Wellness – Your Choice

As always, I hope I have provided nothing more than the facts for you to be able to make your own educated decision on the two products.  Although I am a Team Beachbody Coach I have tried lots of things out there and I think there is no equal to Shakeology.  As always do your research and educate yourself before you jump into the hype of the newest thing.  Remember that with Team Beachbody and Shakeology you also get a coach to support you with your fitness, and nutrition, helping you to better your health and wellness.

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