Transformation Tuesday: Believe in the Process, Believe in Yourself

Michelle VitelliThis week I am honored to be able to share the transformation story of my Upline Diamond Coach, Michelle Vitelli. She has been a great source of inspiration for me (just take a look at her transformation photos!), and her fun, energetic, and caring nature is both supportive and uplifting. Michelle took some time to answer a few questions, share her story, and offer some advice for those just starting up with a new health and fitness program. Here is what she had to say:

What programs have you done?  
I have completed: Power90, Slim in 6, P90X, P90X2, P90X3, INSANITY, Focus T25, Les Mills PUMP, Les Mills Combat, TurboFire, 21 Day Fix, PiYo and the 3-Day Refresh…some of the programs I have done multiple times.

What kept you motivated to keep going, program after program?
Seeing changes in my body and just feeling great! Each program has changed my body in a different way.

What one workout is your all time favorite?
It is really hard to pick because I like each one for a different reason. If I was really forced to pick, probably Les Mills PUMP or PiYo for the workouts. 21 Day Fix is my favorite nutrition plan. I feel like each program has been my favorite when I am doing it.

Beachbody progress -age 40

As a mom of two, how did you find time for your workouts and nutrition?
I have had to make adjustments depending on what is happening in our lives. I used to work out at night, and would start anywhere from 8:30-9:30PM – that was tough, but I did it. I would sometimes not finish until after 10:30, but I made the commitment to myself and was determined to stick it out! Now because of homework, after school activities etc., I now get up and workout at 6AM before anyone else is awake. Planning ahead is key – in both fitness and nutrition. I prep as much food ahead as I can so that I don’t fall into the easy traps and grab junk. It is amazing how just some small tweaks/changes in what I was eating have increased my energy. Food is definitely fuel!

Was there ever a time you felt completely discouraged? What helped you overcome these feelings?
There are a lot of times I get discouraged. It is very easy to ‘fall off the wagon’, but I know it is up to me to get back on track. I always remind myself of how far I have come, and that I don’t have to be perfect, but no matter what I choose, it is on me and only me! Working out (or not) is a choice. Eating healthy (or not) is a choice. I have to choose and no matter which way I go, I have to be ok with the result.
Watching other people have success with Beachbody programs constantly motivates me.  Also having people tell me that I motivated them to start working out or eating healthier makes me push myself.  I want to continue to inspire people so that is my drive and motivation!

What made you decide to become a Beachbody Coach?
I was having a lot of GI issues and thought I had celiac disease like my sister. I tested negative, so decided to try some dietary changes. My best friend, Stefanie, who is a Beachbody coach, recommended that I try shakeology, since it had helped her with her stomach issues. I tried it out, and within a month, my issues were gone. I was hooked on this product that solved issues I had been dealing with for years! I signed up as a coach initially for the discount on Beachbody products and programs, but as I began to lose some weight, have more energy and be happier, people wanted to know what I was doing. I realized that I could help others achieve their health and fitness goals, help keep myself motivated, and make some extra money doing something I really loved, so I began to build my coaching business.

What is your favorite Shakeology flavor, and recipe?
I love the chocolate vegan, blended with coconut almond milk, 1/2 banana, 1 tsp peanut butter, and ice.  (if I need some extra greens, I add in a cup of organic spinach – can’t even taste it!)

Any words of advice for someone just starting up with a new program or Shakeology (or both)?  
Believe in the process. Believe in yourself! Beachbody programs and nutrition plans are designed to help you get results in a healthy way. If you believe in the process, follow the workout schedule, follow the nutrition plan, and use your coach for motivation and support, you WILL get results! Be patient, ask questions, be consistent, plan ahead.
Don’t underestimate yourself – everyone has to start somewhere.  I was 3 weeks into P90X when my husband, daughter and I were in a roll-over car accident. I sustained back and neck injuries that sidelined my workouts for 6 months while I was in therapy. I told my therapist that my goal was to get back to P90X and complete the FULL 90 days. I was finally cleared by my doctor to start, and the first week was awful! I was in so much pain I had to take muscle relaxers and pain meds, and do the modifications for my back, but I was NOT giving up. By the 3rd week, I had gained enough strength that I no longer needed any of the meds! I made it through the full program (with some modifications of certain exercises to protect my back), but I was proud and determined to continue. I realized that the improvements in my core strength and in all my muscles lessened the frequency of ‘flare ups’ of my neck and back pain. I know I need to take care of my body, keep it healthy and keep it strong. Beachbody has played a HUGE role in helping me be a happier person, a stronger person and, most importantly, a healthier person!

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