Transformation Tuesday: Focus T25

Lynn WelchHaving never really struggled with her weight before being pregnant with her first child, Lynn found herself in a frustrated and discouraged position while trying to get back in shape after her daughter was born. “I have always been about the same size…Then I got pregnant and put on an easy 75 lbs – I am so embarrassed that I put on that much weight especially with all the warnings against putting on too much weight during pregnancy. Some of it came off right away, and I thought it would all come off no problem, boy was I wrong!”

Lynn tried to workout more, walking 3 miles almost every day, and slowly working her way up to jogging those 3 miles with her daughter in a stroller and her 2 dogs in tow, but the weight wasn’t coming off.

In January of 2014 one of Lynn’s friends introduced her to Beachbody and invited her to participate in a free 5-day “Slim Down” group, which included specific meal plans, 30 minutes of daily exercise, as well as drinking Shakeology. By the end of the 5 days Lynn had lost 5 pounds and 5 inches! From that point Lynn started working out at home using Beachbody programs (starting with Focus T25).

She has lost 60 pounds and counting, and is wearing smaller jeans than what she did in High School. “I love the person I have become and look forward to seeing what Beachbody has in store for me in the future! Thank you Beachbody for helping me feel comfortable in my own skin again!”

Lynn took some time to answer a few questions and share her story with us. Read more below.

Oct transformation

What Beachbody programs have you done?
I started out with Focus T25, and then gave Insanity a try (I found it really challenging, and at times too difficult for me), then I started PiYo in July. I did the 3-day refresh just before my wedding in August, and then I did the 21 Day Fix in Sept, and am currently doing my second round of 21 Day Fix. In November I will be doing P90, but will be looking forward to going back to Focus T25 after that. I have thoroughly enjoyed them all!

What kept you motivated to keep going, program after program?
I set a goal to hit my pre-pregnancy weight by my daughters 2nd birthday (end of June). I knew it was a huge goal but I could do it. I thought I would look like I did before getting pregnant but boy was I wrong! I was at the weight but I still had a saggy belly. Then, right before my daughters birthday, we decided to get married…in August! We had 6 weeks or so to plan a wedding, so I had to set a new goal. Setting goals is the most important thing that has kept me going – as well as wanting to feel comfortable in my own skin, being able to keep up with my daughter, and having a better relationship with my husband!

As a new mom, how did you manage to find time for your workouts and staying focused with your nutrition?
It was tough in the beginning, before I found Beachbody! I signed up for a gym membership but the daycare wasn’t very good so I had to workout around my husbands schedule. When I did get to the gym I wasn’t sure where to start, and found it to be a complete waste because I would just use machines without really knowing what I should be doing. So I decided I could just run at home with my daughter in the jogging stroller and my 2 dogs. I started using the C25K app (“couch to 5K”), which was great and got me jogging up to 3 miles a day, but the weight wasn’t coming off, and it was starting to get cold – too cold for my daughter to be out. I was introduced to Beachbody by a dear friend and I discovered Focus T25. Just 25 minutes a day! I could easily do 25 minutes during her nap times! And so that’s how it started… Now my daughter does the workouts with me!

Was there ever a time you felt completely discouraged? What helped you overcome those feelings?
I would have to say its right now. I have hit a fitness plateau my weight isn’t budging and the inches aren’t just falling off anymore. But I set myself up with a new game plan after doing some research and hopefully the month of November will be more successful! I’m not giving up because I know I can be healthier and happier with my body!

What is your favorite Shakeology flavor, and recipe?
I love the Chocolate and the Greenberry! Right now my kick is Chocolate Shakeology with 1/2 cup of dark chocolate almond milk, and if I need an extra kick I add a cup of cold brew coffee! For my Greenberry shakes I keep it simple, just adding 1 cup of some sort of berry!

Lynn’s advice to those just starting on their health and fitness journey, “take the workouts/programs one day at a time and don’t dwell on the bad days, because you will get stronger and better every day!” 

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