Shakeology: How this single mom affords two bags a month

We often hear how expensive Shakeology is, and many people ask why, if it is mass-produced by a big company, does the price not reflect that. Well, when you hear Darin Olien and Carl Daikeler, the co-creators of Shakeology, speaking about what their goal was for creating Shakeology, you realize they were not trying to create a product that could be “cheapified,” but rather, they were looking to create the most densely nutritious shake on the planet, no compromises! As someone who carefully watches where our money goes, and also very carefully watches what goes into my body, I would not trade Shakeology for anything! In fact, we now order 2 bags of Shakeology a month, so that both me and the spousoid can take it daily.
[I encourage you to look into the business, see what they stand for, where they get their ingredients, how they care for and about the environment, and are constantly supporting and giving back.]

Below, is an article written by Sally Hill-Dunn on how she makes her passion for Shakeology work on her budget.

sally hill dunn

I didn’t always love Shakeology. It was not love at first sight. I thought I could not afford it, even though I had looked into it and thought  the ingredients were amazing. I was making my own superfood smoothies and thought that was the best I could do, and the best I could afford.

I wanted to enter the Beachbody Challenge, so I ordered a Les Mills Pump Challenge pack, and signed up as a coach at the same time in order to get the biggest discount. The Challenge Pack comes with a 30 days supply of shakeology.

When my Challenge Pack came, I had been sick for about 6 weeks straight with some respiratory thing. I just couldn’t shake it. I would think I was starting to get better and it would turn right around and I would be worse again. I started on Shakeology, and don’t remember thinking much about it one way or another. But by the third day of drinking this stuff I realized that I felt dramatically better, and, I kept getting better. I have not had a cold or the flu since then.

I not only kept getting a new bag of Shakeology each month, I ordered a second to be delivered each month so I wouldn’t run out and so I could share with my kids.

How do I afford not just one, but TWO bags of Shakeology each month?

Things I DON’T buy:

  • I do not buy bottled water. The price of water in a bottle is ridiculous! I have a filter and make my own bottled water.
  • I do not buy fancy coffees, and Starbucks even admits they have an 80% mark-up.
  • I do not buy gum, candy, cookies, any snackie things or desserts. It wouldn’t make any sense to care enough about my health that I buy the best shake on the planet with 70 superfoods to nourish myself with, and then turn around and tear down my health by filling my body with junk food.
  • I do not eat out very often. Sometimes twice a month, sometimes zero times a month. We just get our good food from the store and make good meals at home.
  • I do not buy TV channels. We can watch so many things online.
  • I workout at home with some of the best world class trainers on the planet right in my living room at the touch of the remote. Zero gallons of gas spent getting to my workout.

Why I think Shakeology is a great deal:

  • I do not buy vitamins and minerals, because I get 70 ingredients of dense, superfood nutrition from Shakeology. Food in its synergistic form works together to keep my body well, feed my cells, and give me energy.
  • I used to buy separate superfoods to add to my smoothies. When I thought about it, I realized that I was spending way more on my separate superfoods per month, even from discount sources, than I would spend on Shakeology.
  • It is a meal REPLACEMENT shake. I do not drink Shakeology and then turn around and eat a meal at the same time. My Shakeology is replacing a meal. I spend the same $4 on a serving of Shakeology as I would a regular meal.
  • When I looked into other shakes there was always something in there that made it a compromise for health and my immune system. I have an immune system disorder, among other things, and there are just so many ingredients I have to watch out for. Shakeology is the first shake that is filled with ingredients that are ALL ones that I can have. I use the vegan flavors and I have been thriving on them.
  • Shakeology kills my cravings, because it is so nutritionally dense that it gives my body what it needs in a form that it can absorb easily, while it feels like I am having a treat. It is the best of both worlds.
  • It is sooo convenient.
  • I do not have a fancy phone. I have unlimited texting and internet with a limited amount of talk time for $35 a month.

When I look back on the time that I thought I could not afford Shakeology, I was very impressed with it, but still thought I didn’t need it. It wasn’t until I began drinking it that I realized what a treasure it is. And, I have never wavered in my conviction that I will always drink it. And, yes, I drink it every single day.

I believe that it is able to affect my body in the best possible way: when I drink it every day. If I were to drink it every other day, my results would not be as great. If I were to only drink it a couple times a week, my results would be even less. I get great results, and have kept from getting sick since December of 2012 because I drink it every single day. It’s my secret weapon. It’s my immune system in a bag.

It wasn’t until I had it in my hands and had been using it every day for a few days that I realized what a difference it could make in my life, and I have not been wrong about that. It is powerful simply because it is a blend of 70 of the most densely nutritious plants that money can buy, and to me, it’s worth it. I am worth it. My health is worth it.

I’m going to go make a Tropical Strawberry smoothie now. I’ll be sipping on it with a straw while you read this. And, if you have some Shakeology and it has been sitting on a shelf, you should go make some, too, and get that yummy stuff into your belly.

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