P90 is Here – October Challenge Pack Special

P90, the “On Switch” to fitness, is here and available to order today!…And P90 will be the Team Beachbody Challenge Pack Special for the month of October!

What is P90®?
Extreme programs like P90X® aren’t for everyone. So, welcome to the all-new P90—your gateway to getting fit regardless of your age or fitness level! Legendary trainer Tony Horton has now created shorter workouts that are simple, doable, and less extreme than his others, but still just as effective. So whether you haven’t worked out in a decade, or you’re just looking to maintain what you’ve got, P90 opens the door for you to see dramatic, visible results in just 90 days—without the pain!

This is what Carl Daikeler, Chairman and CEO of Beachbody, had to say about P90:

“I’ve been spending a good part of the [last two day] working on the promotion for the new P90, which releases on September 23…and let me tell you, the deeper we get into this, the more excited I become! This will be a game-changer for people looking for a no-nonsense, full 90 day fitness program, but don’t want the “extreme” approach behind programs like P90X and Insanity.
There are some people who think they are destined to carry around those extra 100+ pounds, with low-energy, and body aches being their reality… But a new 90-day solution is coming, and this one is for EVERYONE!”

Kristen N. went from 215lbs to 145!
“It is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix! But it is possible, and very effective!”

Kristen N. P90 success story

“In as little as 25 minutes a day, P90 will help you completely change your body—not by working you harder—but by keeping it simple. Simple cardio. Simple resistance training. A simple approach to portion control. I won’t say these new workouts are easy…but they’re a whole lot easier to get done now.” – Tony Horton

P90 challenge pack + woudned warrior donation

Click on the pic to order your Challenge Pack today!

In honor of Tony Horton, Sr., Tony’s Father, Beachbody will be donating $5 for every P90 challenge pack ordered through 10/31. Head into the holiday season and New Year in the best shape of your life, and help support The Wounded Warrior Project in the process.

Here is a breakdown of the workouts, their run time, and description:

Sweat A 25 min Melts that fat that’s been holding you back.
Ab Ripper A 8 min Adds power and definition to your core.
Sculpt A 28 min Gets your body ready to get strong.
Sweat  B 32 min Cranks the calorie burn even higher.
Ab Ripper B 14 min Carves slimmer, rock-hard abs.
Sculpt B 31 min Builds endurance and lean-muscle growth.
Sweat C 36 min Burns fat and tests endurance.
Ab Ripper C 15 min Puts the final touches on your lean, sexy six-pack.
Sculpt C 42 min Defines your body and puts results into overdrive.
Saturday Special* 25 min A super efficient, high-velocity sweat-fest that will help you get your weekend workout done – and done right!

Come join in one of our online Challenge Groups to help you stay committed and motivated throughout the 90 days. Message us for more details.
The last 3 months of 2014 are going to be awesome, come join in the fun!

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