4 Great Shoulder Openers

1. L-stand with hands against the wall at hip level: 
Engage your core to prevent your back from sagging (banana back). You can keep a soft bend in your knees if that feels better on your hamstrings and lower back. Hang out here as long as it feels good, and don’t forget to breathe.

2. L-stand with forearms against the wall (elbows at hip level):
Engage your core and keep a flat back. Again, feel free to keep a soft bend in your knees if that feels better on your body. Don’t ever force anything that feels twingy or painful. And BREATHE!

3. Seated bind:  
Sit in a comfortable position (on a chair is totally fine). Reach down and behind your back with your left arm, and over and behind your head/shoulder with your right arm.  If you can’t grab your hands that’s no problem, just reach as far as you can while still being able to breathe deeply (grab a hold of your shirt if that helps, and sometimes holding a towel in your hands helps increase the stretch a little, too).
Make sure to do both sides, and don’t worry if it doesn’t feel the same on each side, we all have one side that is tighter than the other.

4. Child’s pose:
Sit back on your heels and fold forwards. Stretch your hands as far in front of you as possible and rest your forehead on the ground lightly. Breathe deeply and slowly.
If you open your knees a little and let your body sink down you can give your shoulders even more of a stretch and opening.
Try to keep your tailbone tucked to keep a flat back and strong spine – no banana backs.

Play around with these stretches, and move in a way that feels good for you.  Always remember to breathe!

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