21 Day Fix Challenge Pack

This is probably one of the most popular programs of 2014, with challengers seeing amazing results in just 21 days.

What is 21 Day Fix®?
21 Day Fix is a nutrition and fitness program that makes losing weight so simple, anyone can do it. Easy-to-follow portion control and 30-minute workouts take the guesswork out of losing weight to help you see results fast – some lost more than 10 lbs in 21 days! With the 21 Day Fix container system, you’ll learn how to create healthy portions simply and intuitively. It shows you how to eat whatever you want, in the right amounts, so you can reach your goals fast. The 21 Day Fix workouts are designed to burn a lot of calories in only 30 minutes, and any fitness level can do them. If you’re a beginner, follow the on-screen modifier, and if you’re an advanced exerciser looking to shed those last few pounds, dial up the intensity and challenge yourself to push harder. Read more here.

This challenge pack includes:

  • 21 Day Fix DVD program (6 workouts + 1 bonus workout)
  • 1 month’s supply of Shakeology, your choice of flavor(s) (home direct)
  • 7 color-coded portion-control containers
  • 25oz. Shakeology Shaker Cup
  • 21 Day Fix Nutrition Plan
  • Me as your free Coach!
  • A free online accountability group, to help you stay motivated and on track
  • 1 month free Team Beachbody Club membership and access to their online gym
  • $2 super-saver shipping
  • 30-day, bottom of the bag, money back guarantee
  • Free sign up at www.beachbodychallenge.com for a chance to win $500, or more!
Click the pic to order your 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack

Click the pic to order your 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack

Click the pic to see Julie's 21 Day Fix Success Story

Click the pic to see Julie’s 21 Day Fix Success Story

Message me if you would like to join one of our up coming accountability groups.

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