Weight Loss vs Fat Loss

weight loss vs fat loss

This is something I took a really long time to learn. A really long time!

Crash diets or popping a few pills may seem easier, but those results are not sustainable and, in the long run, can end up doing more damage than good.

There is a big difference between a cleanse and a crash diet. A cleanse is focused on cleaning out and detoxifying our bodies, helping our bodies to function better and more efficiently. Crash diets, on the other hand, focus purely on weighing less, often using extreme methods to achieve that (anyone remember Fen-Phen? Or heard of HCG? How about the cotton ball diet?).

A good nutritious cleanse should be filled with loads of vegetables, whole foods, and fresh fruit, while usually eliminating all animal products, processed foods, and unnatural sugars. This allows our liver and kidneys to catch a break and really clean out and detoxify our bodies. The focus should be on getting healthy, creating new habits, and kickstarting a healthy lifestyle.

For this reason, a cleanse is a great thing to do before starting a new nutrition and workout program. If you are interested in a healthy and nutritious program to detox and kickstart your health journey send us an email, or read more here.

Image credit: Female Fitness Motivation

2 thoughts on “Weight Loss vs Fat Loss

  1. Priyanka Arora says:

    I want to lose fat not weight
    Coz around 15 years ago i went for all sort of things for weight loss but i lead to loose skin around thighs and stomach
    But i want to lose fat…n want to build my muscles
    Please help me with the diet n training


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